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Lulav and Etrog Sets

Find the perfect Lulav and Etrog Sets for Sukkot at Got Etrog! Our featured collection includes the most popular items from our website, including both Israeli and Yanover sets, gorgeous boxes, practical plastic carrying cases, and more.

The Basic Kosher set from Israel is our most cost-effective option, offering a 100% certified kosher etrog and lulav at the lowest possible price. Higher-end options like Standard or Premium sets are among our Featured Products as well. For those who prefer an etrog from Italy, try our popular Yanover C sets. Browse our website to find additional options or give us a call to let us know specifically what you are looking for!

Etrog Cases and More

Etrog cases and other accessories are also included in our Featured Product. They are an ideal option for ensuring your arba minim stay in top-notch condition throughout the holiday. Hadassim and aravot should be kept in the fridge, but the etrog and lulav are best kept in specially designed cases and carriers.

Try something truly exquisite this year, such as our velvet or leather boxes. The Insulated Etrog and Lulav Carrier offers an excellent way to keep your arba minim fresh. Featuring a handy machzor-sized pocket, these carriers make excellent holiday gifts for yourself, your hosts, or your family members.

More Than Just the Etrog and Lulav