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It is very important to place the Hadassim (Myrtle) and Aravaot (Willow) in the refrigerator upon receiving your shipment until you need to use them, this will maintain freshness. The Lulav (Palm) and Etrog (Citron) are best stored at room temperature in a cool dry area.

Etrog & Lulav assembly instructions:

It is customary to assemble your Lulav bundle before the start of the Yom Tov (Holiday).

Hold the Lulav with the spine (smooth side) towards you and slide it into the middle hole of the Koishekle (V shaped holder).

Place one or two rings on the Lulav itself towards the center. Place one ring around the V shaped holder. Lulav rings are made from the outer leafs of the Lulav itself. Need to make Lulav rings? Click here for a Video.

Place the three twigs of Hadassim (myrtle, small leaves like eyes) in the pocket on the right of the holder, Pushing the holder down will expand the pocket and avoid tearing the bottom leaves as you insert them.

Place the two twigs of Aravot(willow, long leaves, like lips) in the pocket on the left of the holder. Their tops should be a little lower than the tops of the Hadassim.

Tighten the rings.

Caring for your Lulav and Esrog

Cut a rectangle of aluminium foil large enough to cover the willow and myrtle. Lay it flat and cover with a paper towel or newspaper slightly smaller.

Moisten the paper slightly and wrap the paper and foil around the Lulav bundle.

Place the Lulav bundle in a Lulav holder (if you have one) and store in a cool place. Some people put the Lulav bundle in a Vase with a bit of Water while not in use.

When not in use, keep the Lulav bundle wrapped with the moist paper/foil. Periodically moisten the paper.

Keep the Esrog in its special foam-lined box (At room temperature).