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NEW! STARTING SEPTEBER 3rd 2021 Mogilevsky's Esrogim will be featuring 360 Photos of chosen Esrogim where you can choose your own Esrog from the comfort of your home or Office. We will be adding new selection on a regular basis from our Yanover (Italian) Esrogim. STARTING SEPTEBER 3rd 2021 Note: Each Esrog in this category is Unique and photographed Separately, once its purchased by someone the item will not be available any longer, so if you add to your cart it may become unavailable if another customer pays for it first. The Esrog pictured is the Esrog we will be Sending along with a Standard set of Lulav, Hadassim & Aravos. If you want a Deri Lulav you can add that separately to the cart. An Esrog Color changes and may look a little different by the time you get it. We cannot take responsibility for that and other changes that happen Naturally, we will do our best to look over the Esrog before shipping.